Why Invest in Cyber Security?

Security breaches are on the rise, costing companies an average of $4.45 million globally to recover, with rising response times and reputational damage adding to the burden. Invest in Cyber Security that throws up roadblocks at every stage of an attack, from initial access attempts to data exfiltration, to minimize vulnerability and maximize detection.

What are OT/IIoT and IoT?

IoT connects things to the internet (homes, wearables), OT and IIoT focus on industrial systems (factories, power grids). Robust cyber security safeguards both from data breaches and physical disruptions.

What is Data Compliance?

Data compliance in NIST/CMMC and SOC2 ensures your organization meets specific security standards to protect sensitive information. NIST/CMMC focuses on government data (DoD contractors), while SOC2 emphasizes broader service organization security and trust. Both involve data controls, access restrictions, and regular audits to verify compliance.

Addressing Cyber Security Challenges

Azm Solutions provides solutions to help organizations face the distinct cybersecurity challenges of their industry.

Data Security

Protecting sensitive data from cyber threats and breaches is crucial for business continuity and reputation.

Compliance Complexity

Navigating stringent compliance regulations like NIST, CMMC, and SOC2 can be overwhelming for businesses.

Industry-specific Vulnerabilities

Industries like the manufacturing and medical sectors face unique cyber threats requiring specialized security solutions.

Awareness Gap

Many industry leaders lack awareness of cyber security best practices, leaving their data assets vulnerable to attacks.

Tailored Security Solutions

Providing industry-specific security and compliance services to fortify businesses.

Cyber Security

Comprehensive protection against digital threats.

Compliance Services

Guidance in aligning with industry regulations.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Tailored services for manufacturing and medical industries.

Why Choose Azm Solutions for Your Security and Compliance Needs

Azm Solutions is a trusted cyber security and compliance solutions provider based in Wichita, Kansas.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that businesses have the necessary safeguards in place to combat evolving digital threats as well as educate the public and our customers regarding the importance of cyber security and compliance within technology.

Get Secure Today with Azm Solutions

Empower Your Business with Advanced Cyber Protection

Unlock the Benefits

Discover the advantages of partnering with Azm Solutions for your cyber security and compliance needs.

Enhanced Protection

Increase your data protection with our advanced security solutions and compliance services.

Industry Expertise

Leverage our specialized knowledge in aircraft, manufacturing, and medical sectors for tailored cybersecurity solutions.

Complete Solutions

All things security with one provider, from physical security systems complete with access control systems and monitoring to your digital security with customized cybersecurity systems.

Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

What exactly does Industrial IoT and Operational Technology even mean? What do cyber security and physical security have in common and do you need both? What is Compliance and what businesses need to adhere to compliance regulations? We know you’ve got questions about all that you are reading and seeing on our website. Explore our FAQ page to find answers to some common questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any lingering questions you may have.

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